Guten Tag and a warm welcome to my Blog!

My name is Kelly Fraas and I am currently studying my Bachelor of Primary and Early Childhood Education at the Australian Catholic University now completing my third year of studies. Transferring mid year from the set Primary course to include Early Childhood units in my study plan has been such an exciting, challenging and rewarding experience already and I look forward to finishing my degree by 2013.

I have always had a passion to work with children from a young age. My parents would always say- “You would make a great teacher!”- as they would remind me of the times as a child I would play pretend “schools” and dress up/act as the teacher and have my siblings be my class getting them to sing, dance and complete the colouring stencils I would collect from my colouring books!

Needless to say as soon as I graduated from high school, I naturally attained childcare work in a family day care centre where I had the pleasure of completing my Certificate Three In Children’s Services. During the two years here, I worked my way up the ladder in the establishment and took over the position of Room Leader for the 0-2 section. Looking back, this experience ultimately led me to want to further my career and build upon my skills in the education industry; hence I decided to apply for university.

Whilst at university over the past three years I have partaken in a number of retail and customer services jobs, however the job I loved the most in which I feel was a very valuable experience was the Nannying work I did for a period of six months for a wonderful family taking care of their two little boys. Watching them grow up to be lively, charismatic, humble children whilst being apart of their childhood, to me was priceless. I am presently working as a Receptionist at the Bankstown Sports Club in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

One aspect of my life that I would like to share is my enjoyment of physical activity. Some would term me as a “fitness fanatic” as I am always at the gym or outside in the fresh air going for a run or swim. It saddens me to acknowledge the increasing rate of childhood obesity in this country and so as a future teacher and having that vital opportunity to influence today’s youth, my key aim is to employ my positive healthy lifestyle approach incorporating good food choices and exercise into my classroom.

So now you have read a little snap shot of my life and who I am, so I really hope you enjoy discovering more of me through my blog. Have fun!


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